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About Brian

I began tattooing with my first lessons at 15 years old and I have been tattooing for over 14 years. I was lucky enough to negotiate an apprentice spot by one of the local artists. My career could not have happened at a better time, being that most 15 year olds don't have too many monetary problems. I could spend my time & learn everything that was put in front of me, so I caught on quick and was tattooing by 16 years old, which has given me a nice head start on most of my peers.

About My Ink:

I stay as versatile as I can with my work and try to please all clients that I come across. Time permitting, I prefer to do custom pieces on a large scale, but I always try to keep in mind how many people may not realize how serious they will get into their ink. It is for this reason and others, that I will never turn down a tattoo saying its too small or not my style. I would much rather work a little harder and either explain what the down side to a certain piece of work might be, or compromise by simplifying a design that may be too small and detailed, and turning out the best work I can, while still giving my clients a quality experience. I find this to be the key to ensuring repeat business and a good reputation.

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